Our Vision     Our Approach

Internet is new and fast developing media. It can provide immediate access to information and entertainment. Developing a site in Internet is like having a new office, visited by many people: its address is equally distant for everybody, visitors don't have to look where to park the car and can even go in ... underware.
Having a website is not any longer an option for the business, but a necessity.

We choose the name ArtsLogic, because it reflects our vision for web development. Our clients do not have to choose between how a product looks and works. Harmony of vision has its technical background in terms of otimization, interactivity and programming, to ensure easy communication with your e-office and maximize its usefulness.

Unfortunatelly, we still use some mediaeval techniques in approving a project development.
We sit at a round table (both graphical designers and program developers).
Each project's detail is being discussed and approved by all (if necessary we buy extra coffee and coffee cups, when broken).

At the end decides King Customer. If the King disapproves something, we make a web crusade and expand the boundaries of the Kingdom - both in designer or programming aspect.

Each knight has University degree and experience in battles.

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