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Web and graphic design

Your website is the e-department of your business and should follow certain requirements to provide target results.
We design it according to user's behaviour, who searches for web site, that is:

  • visually attractive (or the importance of the first view, the visual introduction)
  • focused (the importance of getting the immediate answer what your business is)
  • easy to navigate (the importance of putting together all desired information through site content)
  • fast download (time also is a factor)

Informaion architecture

Information architecture is the structural organization of information. Just as buildings are designed by a combination of both architects and interior designers, web site design also involves the combination of of talents of infomration architects and graphic designers.
Web site information architecture involves the planning of the site:

  • what information to go on what pages
  • how many levels of hierarchy of pages
  • navigational menu design
  • what labels to use to name pages, sub-sections, and headings
  • how information should be laid on out a page to make it the easiest to find and understand

Web content writing and editing

The ability to effectively communicate with your web site's audience is critical, whether you're working with a large commercial site, a small corporate intranet, a personal or hobby site, or anything between.

This effecive communication includes some important aspects:

  • to understand how people use the web
  • to know what the audience expects from your site
  • how to 'chunk' large amounts of information to increase readability
  • understand the significance of having a worldwide audience

Logo design / Corporate identity

Perfect logo and corporate design is defined by 3 factors:

  • A logo must be most and for all 'identifiable', this means that some details in your logo makes it readable in any kind of circontances (on a Fax, on TV or on a car, a logo can be huge or extremly small).

  • Your logo/corporate identity needs also to be 'memorable' among all other business logo design. This means: a simple shape, 1, 2 or 3 colors maximum and a simple but smart idea.
  • Your logo must be created in harmony between 'an idea' and 'a shape'. This is why the selection of the right concept for your logo design is key to reach an appropriate result.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is probably the key to accomplishing your goals on the internet. It’s all very well to have a great Web site that impresses your friends, family, your employees, or your boss. But a Web site isn’t really earning its keep until it gets out there and finds its own traffic. The best place to find traffic is search engines.

Enabling a web site to be picked up and ranked near the top of search engine results is of key importance in the growing web market, even for noncommercial sites.

Our services include researching and adding the most appropriate key words and titles to web pages, adding descriptions, making best use of headings, alt image fields, and internal and external links.

Web site interactive features

Interactivity makes a Web site communicate with its visitors. Adding a chatroom, a threaded message board to your Web site, or the possibility for online shopping gives visitors a reason to return. Online data collection techniques will greatly increase the Web site’s value to you.

Scripting and programming for interactivity is the kind of value addition that costs a little more now, but could easily provide far greater rewards than a plain, informational site and should be regarded as investment.

In other words interactive features make a web site more interesting and useful, and therefor preferable to others.

Web development

Today people expect much more from a web site than just your company's information. ArtsLogic can enhance your web site with various tools that will make it more interactive and useful for your clients.

We can help you build a fully functional web store to sell your products online, add Extranet / Intranet solutions, develop new or upgrade your existing applications and scripts to make your web site more functional and effective.

Technologies that we are using include, but are not limited to: HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Java, J2EE.

Web site maintenance

If you don’t have the time or expertise to keep you web site up to date, we offer contract web site maintenance services, whereby we add additional content that you supply, remove out-dated content, and verify that external links are still valid.

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